Some of my client testimonials highlighting the positive impact my services have had on their lives

"Quite literally a life saver!"

"I began therapy on anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, and prescription sleeping pills, and I ended it completely medication-free. At no point did it feel like a talking shop, and I benefited greatly from the well laid-out and objective-driven pathways provided for me. I cannot recommend Karen enough, especially as someone who put off therapy for almost half their life due to fear of what it would entail; she is quite literally a life saver!"

"There with me the whole way"

"You have such a good balance between being challenging and empathic. I always knew you were on my side, but you knew when I was strong enough to be challenged and when I felt too fragile. It has been such a difficult journey but you were there with me the whole way."

"My whole life feels more positive; I wish I had come to see you before now."

"My guiding star..."

"I would like to thank you for your help in finding myself again and finding new paths to walk. You are, in a way, my guiding star..."

"I feel so lucky to have worked with you."

"Change my view of myself"

"It is fair to say that working with you has helped to change my view of myself and left me a happier and more confident person as a result. You have always been kind, thoughtful and insightful."

"Inside your room it was as if I was the only person on earth."

"Thank you for being so experienced"

Thank you for being so experienced – I knew I was in safe hands from the moment I met you

"What you do and how you are is brilliant and I thank you."

"Better version of myself"

"Taking the decision to see you was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I’m glad to have met you, you helped me shape towards a far better version of myself probably in more ways than an email could express."

"I am now a different person"

"I have had therapy before, but what I have done with you is just poles apart from anything I have done before. I am now a different person and I am really comfortable with who I am now."

"Your utter brilliance at what you do has enabled me to get through the worst part of my life."

"Definitely have saved my life"

"I’m not sure if there are any words that could express how thankful I am that I decided to book an appointment with you. My time with you has changed my life in so many ways and you most definitely have saved my life."

"Thanks to your skill and patience"

"I am in such a different place to 12 months ago, thanks to your skill and patience. I think we all need someone like you in our lives."

"Thank you for not being afraid to talk about big subjects"

"Professional and knowledgeable"

"Karen, you are such a great mix of being professional and knowledgeable and being warm and genuine."